The Maracaípe Beach brings together surfers and hosts surf championships, national and international, in the region. The surfing also happens on Cupe beach, still in Porto de Galinhas.


You can practice diving near the reefs of the Natural Pools by the reef walls of Muro Alto or even for the most experienced ones in shipwrecks that you can find in Porto de Galinhas beaches. For more information about diving, visit the Aicá Diving website.

Stand Up Paddle

The calm sea beaches like Pontal de Maracaipe and Muro Alto are ideal for the practice of stand up paddle. In Pontal de Maracaípe, you can rent surfboards and kayaks.

Kite Surf

Not long ago it used to be visited only by surfers,but now the practice of kite surfing is becoming increasingly popular in Maracaípe Beach. If you are interested in learning this sport, there are instructors on the beach.


Porto de Galinhas already has some bike rental companies and has many trails in the middle of the cane fields of the region.