La Crêperie

Delicious crepes, salads and soups. Try the wonderful tapioca and açaí ice creams. At night, you may want to request reservations at the front desk.

Phone: 81 3552-1831


Restaurant highly recommended by travelers and very famous by the creativity of regional dishes. Reservations required, please ask at the front desk.

Phone: 81 3552-2354

Pizzeria Mamma Mia

Delicious thin crust pizzas in a simple pizzeria, but very cozy.

Phone: 81 3552-1778

Africa Grill

Specialized in African chicken recipes with sauces of striking flavors. The menu also includes the famous chicken and meat samosas, typical African food.

Phone: 81 3552-3056

Domingos Restaurant

Environment of great taste located within the Paraoby Gallery. Well prepared lobster, shrimp, fish, lamb, handmade and homemade pasta. There is also a wine cellar with great labels.

Phone: 81 3552-2806


Their cuisine offers typical food and baked yucca, which is already part of the local touristic list. Worth checking out.

Phone: 81 3552-1913

Gatos de Rua

Restaurant, bar and shop where different decoration gives the space all of its charm.

Phone: 81 3552-1044


At Caminho da Praia gallery. Beautiful, well decorated, good wines, regional and international menu.

Phone: 81 3352-2480