Hippocamppus Project

The Hippocamppus Project (biology, cultivation and preservation of Brazilian seahorses) is a pioneer in Brazil and fights for the preservation of the species in Porto de Galinhas, and develops an environmental educational work with local communities and tourists.

Eco Associados

Porto de Galinhas is an important scenario of sea turtles spawning in the region. Eco Associados is an organization that monitors the life of these turtles across 12 km of beaches in Ipojuca city and is also active in the conservation, management and environmental education. Spawning and hatching occurs almost throughout the year, making the area a true nursery of turtles and a beautiful attraction for visitors.

Rodas da Liberdade (Wheels of Freedom)

Since 1995, Rodas da Liberdade Association helps people with disabilities by providing wheelchairs and various orthopedic materials. Moreover, they promote events related to culture, sport and art aimed at integrating everyone into society.